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4 de marzo de 2011

More of Ejul Young Bae! Inspiration...!

Hello friends:)
Once again I bring you news about Ejul:)
my dear friend from malaysia:)

This time is a promotional video with my colleagues releases for you:)
I hope you like! :)

Ejul as you can see is a guy that everything he does is proposed! and can see improvement in their dances! He always says that practice is the best! and look that works:)

Here are the photos included in the video:) done by my friend and collaborator Jesus Rodriguez!


You can see information related to BigBang Holic Weebly:)
The page is new! I hope you like too and support as much like you do with me chingus :) because without you we are nothing! :)

Keep checking account JessemcC11yuly! Where they can find the latest videos Ejul and more of my creations:) ^ ^ I count on your support:)


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